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    A solution is not complete until it has been installed and is up and running

    No matter whether your completed solution involves a few machines or a processing plant, it has to work properly and be of the greatest added value to your operations.  Accordingly, FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs attaches great importance to correct installation and fitting. A team of fitters appropriate to the scale of the installation task will come out to your premises to ensure that the solution is working. Our permanent team is comprised of eight fitters.


    Experienced fitters who understand our production

    We usually recruit our fitters in-house. This means that they are familiar with our machinery as they have previously been involved in its manufacture. This allows them to perform installations correctly and quickly.

    Your solution will be ready to go, properly configured and will work for many years to come.

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    We can send a supervisor if you have your own team of fitters

    If you have your own systems fitters, we can provide one of our fitters who can serve as supervisor. Our supervisor’s expertise about our products allows him to lead the ongoing work and ensure that installation is performed quickly and correctly. When supplying systems to other parts of the world, it is often a sensible solution to use local installation personnel and a supervisor provided by FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs.

    You can also take charge of the installation yourself if you prefer. We will be ready on the sidelines to provide in-depth instructions and assistance if required by your fitters.

    We do not send you lots of machine components in cardboard boxes, but will send you an installation that is best suited to your plant and your requirements. Our solutions are not complete until they have been installed and are up and running.