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    ”FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs helps us to ensure our operations about internal transportation of raw materials and finished fish feed pellets. Their fitters help us to service and maintain our machine park on a daily basis. They also install new machines and assemble plant parts. Whenever there is an operating problem and we need spare parts, both service and spare parts are delivered quickly.”


    Carsten Lenz
    Head of Maintenance

    “Lime is very demanding in terms of transport costs, both in terms of weight and volume. FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs understands our production and delivers, installs and converts machinery and plant systems. We have been working with them for over 20 years.”


    Jens Søndergaard

    ”FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs has developed a solution for us that removes animal ear tag plastic from our meat and bone meal. We used to discard 9 tons of meal every week. This has now been reduced to only 400 kg.  The solution had a return on investment of just 122 days!”


    Martin Botolf Sejer
    Factory manager
    Daka SecAnim, Randers

    ”FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs produced an efficient transport and shiploading plant for our new factory. It transports our fish meal to storage silos, mixes the meal among the silos and transports and loads it onto ships. When the time comes for our next expansion, we will ask them again!”


    Øyvind Stang
    Karmsund Protein

    “We have expanded our collaboration with FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs over the years because they provide individualised, unique solutions that satisfy our needs, e.g. filling and emptying big bags and transporting meal from factory to unloading to lorry.”


    Odd V. Lind
    Technical manager

    “Our fish feed pellets are transported as gently as possible. We know better than anyone what this means. FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs listens to what we have to say and lets us add our own fingerprint, and then delivers reliable solutions to our factories worldwide. We are very content with this collaboration.”


    Bjørn Inge Gaupset
    Central Project Manager
    Skretting Norway