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    Big bags – great possibilities and small well-considered filling and emptying solutions

    If you are looking for big bag filling and emptying solutions, you will find yours at FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs. We integrate big bag processing into your plant by adding a filling or emptying station as part of your existing processing plant.


    Precise weighing

    Our big bag filling station weighs the content of the bag, ensuring that each bag contains exactly the precise quantity of product you asked for. Most of the bag is filled with the shutter fully open, with a smaller aperture for the final fine dosage. Weighing is precise to ensure efficient filling, as the aperture is able to close before the big bag is overfilled.

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    Effective, low-impact big bag processing

    We assure effective processing, such as by using a 2 m3 pre bin to ensure fast and smooth filling. The filled bag is then sent on a pallet onto a roller conveyor, or onto a belt conveyor when pallets are not used.

    The filling process is also low-impact on your bulk product. The machine raises the bag so it is stretched, blowing air into the bag so it does not collapse and fill unevenly.

    Suspension hooks for the bag are sent to the operator automatically.

    Standard to FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs big bag fillers
    Weighing cells to ensure the correct quantity of the product in each bag
    Dosage shutter with multiple settings to ensure precise quantities
    Ventilator to blow air into the bag to prevent it from collapsing and filling unevenly
    Filling head that moves upwards and downwards according to the size of the bag and automatically tilts out to the operator for strap and fill nozzle mounting

    Big bag filler options

    • Pre bin to ensure smooth and fast filling. The bin and funnel have rounded corners to prevent the product from sticking. Standard dimensions are 2 m3, but the bin can be built according to your requirements, based on the space you have at your disposal.
    • Conveyors before and after big bags are filled e.g. belt conveyors for big bags or roller conveyors if your big bags are on pallets.

    FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs has extensive expertise about the filling, emptying and processing of big bags. Tell us what you require. We are sure to have a solution and we will develop one if we don’t.


    Better workplace environment for operators

    We have developed a big bag filler where the head unit with hooks for the bag swivels to the operator. The operator does not need to reach under the machine to attach the bag. This gives a far better working posture and is a big health and safety improvement.

    Big bag emptying station – to your needs and requirements

    We also offer many different options for big bag emptying. Ask us if you also need to process the big bags that have been emptied. We have solutions for that too.

    How do your your big bags arrive for emptying? On pallets? On hooks?
    Do you require solid mounted or moving blades to cut the big bags open?
    How will your bulk product be transported after it has been emptied out of the bag? Conveyors, funnels etc.
    Do you require dust extraction - or a vacuum when emptying?
    Our big bag emptying station can also agitate a big bag after it has been cut open to ensure more efficient emptying. We have developed a semi-automatic big bag emptying system.