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    Effective transportation and precise dosage, regardless of consistency

    Precise dosage allows you to produce meat and bone meal with the exact protein content your customer requires. Precise dosage requires precise dosage and homogenisation facilities. FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs is your supplier in this regard.

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    We know the various forms that meat and bone meal can take

    We have many years of solid experience in meat and bone meal. Precise dosage, efficient transportation and processing. We know that meat and bone meal isn’t “just” meat and bone meal. It depends on the animal from which it is produced, its fat content, whether or not it has been aerated before transportation and various other factors. The effective processing of meat and bone meal requires a lot of know-how. And we have that know-how.


    Our systems improve the quality of meat and bone meal

    One of the products we have developed is a solution that removes livestock ear tags from meat and bone meal. This means that the meal contains no plastic contaminants from the tags. This means vastly increased quality and reduced quantities of meat and bone meal that have to be destroyed. Our customer’s investment paid for itself in just 122 days. It also allows us to prevent environmental plastics contamination.

    Reduced salmonella risk

    Our machines are built with rounded corners and other details that will prevent product residues from sticking in the machine. This will minimise your risk of salmonella contamination in your meat and bone meal, as well as reduced waste, which means added value in your product.


    Efficient transportation and processing of meat and bone meal

    Contact FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs for a chat about efficient transportation and processing of meat and bone meal. We are able to develop and produce a solution, even if your requirements are only to reduce waste and improve the quality of your meat and bone meal.