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    We have a passion for low-impact effective transport solutions

    Wood pellets, wood chips and other bio fuels are some of the industries where we supply systems and solutions. We customise and develop systems for the low-impact transportation of wood pellets to prevent them from disintegrating and producing dust, and for the efficient management of wood chips to prevent them from getting stuck in machinery.


    Keeping your bio fuel static during transportation

    Many of the pitfalls inherent to bio fuel transportation can be avoided if bulk products can be in a static state during transportation, as is the case when our bucket elevators and chain conveyors are used. This produces less dust and fewer disintegrated pellets and wood chips will not get stuck in corners. This allows the transport to continue running without unnecessary stoppages.

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    More than just wood pellets and wood chips

    Robust and reliable solutions from FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs mean stability for your plant’s operations.  We will develop a solution to suit your exact bio fuel. One previous example is when we developed a complete processing plant to transport mash from whisky distillation into fuel biomass. For us, bio fuel is not just about wood pellets and wood chips. Tell us about your bio fuel and your requirements for efficient transportation and low-impact management, so we can work together to develop a system that will ensure you safe and reliable operations for many years to come.


    Effective bio fuel processing solutions

    We supply bucket elevators, chain, screw and belt conveyors and other machinery for the processing and management of bio fuels. All our products can be ATEX-certified with full documentation.

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