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    Our standard products are the benchmark for own high standards

    FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs is able to provide you with a broad range of different bulk product management products. Even though we call these our “standard product range”, there is not very much that is standard about them. In part this is because they are some of the most robust and reliable products available and vastly outperform market “standards” and partly because we customise our products to your specific requirements. There are variations based on whether you will be processing fish feed, meat and bone meal or lime. Other variables are the capacity you require and the distances your bulk products need to be carried efficiently and with low impact.

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    Robust machinery with minimal downtime

    FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs provides robust machinery with minimal downtime, high quality standards in use and minimal waste. We comply with currently applicable standards and regulations such as ATEX and food processing hygiene regulations. All necessary documentation is included.

    Contact us to find out more about how we can help you. We would also be pleased to develop a complete solution for an entire facility.