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    Just like our solutions, our company has lasted for many years.

    The history of FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs is a story about almost 70 years of thinking in new ways and developing manufacturing and expertise, while clinging to quality and reliable solutions.


    Solid craftsmanship since 1956

    FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs started out in 1956 as a smithy on the docks in Skive. Our customers were the ships that were in port and the animal feed companies that had premises nearby. Even in our earliest beginnings we were also making harrows, field choppers and other small agricultural machines.

    Agriculture began to need feed silos when animal feed companies began delivering their products loose in bulk instead of in bags. FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs took up the challenge and spent the 1970s manufacturing and delivering feed silos to almost every farm in Denmark. Installation jobs would often be part of the task, primarily of our own machines but also installing third party machinery.

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    Manufacturing in-house led to growth

    Many of our own machinery used to be manufactured by a sub-contractor, but in 1985 we brought production in-house, partly with a view to ensuring quality and boost our ability to develop. Just two years later – in 1987 – we moved from the harbour to our current address just north of Skive because we needed more space and to expand our capacity. This has been necessary on an ongoing basis ever since. Back then we had 15-20 workers. We now employ over 60 people.

    A couple of the original employees are even still on board. Our employees usually stay with us for a very long time, so their experience stays within the company. This does not mean that we are stuck with the old ways. One way we keep up to date with new developments is to always have multiple apprentices under training.

    A large development department

    Our sales, development and design studio share the same address as our manufacturing facilities so our various employees are in close contact. Our development team and the smiths working on our production can, for example, ask each other for advice and propose changes that allow us to produce the best solutions. In that regard, our entire company is a large development department.


    We build solutions that last

    Over the years, FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs has been determined to produce machinery that is reliable and sturdy . We have a fundamental belief that it is bad business to skimp on quality to lower prices or increase our short-term profitability.

    We think that manufacturing is still a form of craftsmanship. Although we have a modern machine park at our disposal, with welding robots and laser cutting machines, our solutions are still built by hand by qualified precision smiths.  Our fitters and supervisors normally have a background from our own production, so they have plenty of expertise in how our machines are constructed.

    Specialists in efficient low-impact transportation of bulk products

    We are currently specialists in the design of complete processing systems for factories and in building machines to transport and process dry bulk products. We focus on low-impact transportation, ensuring that bulk products leave the plant in the same quality as when they arrived.

    Therefore, a lot of what we produce is used in the processing of fish feed, pet food, fish meal, meat and bone meal, etc. We have also developed extensive experience with bio fuels, dry mortar and other bulk products that may vary in consistency and machinery requirements. We also have considerable know-how about high density bulk products and high wear products like lime, chalk, grain and animal feed.


    Solutions from FM Bulk Handling – Fjordvejs worldwide

    In 2013, we opened our office in Atlanta in the USA FMA Bulk Handling, Inc. Our manufacturing facilities in Skive, Denmark deliver to customers worldwide. Our solid and well-constructed machinery is built to run 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round and is customised to individual tasks and requirements.